2009 UNESCO – DESD /BNE “UN-Decade”, Bonn


 UNESCO - DESD April 2009 Bonn see: 10001 Seeds Blog and PNW-events.


1001 Actions for Dialogue - Dialogue Nights - 100001 Diversities – Events and Side-Events May-June 2008  maybe check 2 minutes – kicking-off a “Magic Roundtable”: at YouTube:  MAGIC ROUNDTABLE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYFTvMd4Udc  - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbsUR6T7bAM    outcomes/voices  check also “Hans

2008 Ecological Theology and Environmental Ethics – ECOTHEE, Chania, Orthodox Academy of Crete, 2-6 June, 2008

2008 Ecological Theology and Environmental Ethics   -    ECOTHEE, Chania, Orthodox Academy of Crete, 2-6 June, 2008

  See as an example some Impressions of one event EcoTHEE-2008

The conference an my “COVENANT” presentation is covered in this book which was published in 2009. Missing Context and Orientations in Modern Times: [more] Please check out the various events and side-events – some where including video-conferencing – the locations and occasions – and come back for more details. Beside the Planet Diversity Dialogues we would like to highlight the EcoTHEE Agora outcomes and the 1001 Night in WeimarWeiterlesen