Entrepreneurship Summit – Pitching/What next ?

Open Forum has been engaged at the Entrepreneurship Summit since 2010 annually in Berlin – and we are preparing presently for 2016.


Here you can find exemplary documentations: 2011: -

2015: In an Open-Space section of the Summit – “pitchers” – who learned to present their project – are invited to present their idea, innovation,  in a very concise format. Terse, in 1 or 2 Minutes they make offerings to the circle. Then in a market-place, interest is dedicated at time credits – so the group develops dynamically where the interest is and what lines of communication should be expanded and explored.

see an in INVITATION and “Rules of the Game” in German.

maybe check here and see you in October 2016: https://www.entrepreneurship.de/summit/speaker/heiner-benking/



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