oya Festival 2012

I just returned from Klein-Jasedow close to the Baltic Sea. The oya-festival will be remembered by the 2032 revisit of the event, and how it was remembered a generation later !!

We were bridging times and cultures by artistic interventions, learned from story-telling and immersed into dialogues and community building while dancing, playing, arguing, laughing and learning. Just come back ! as this site will be a growing page ! spreading experiences and good news ! Here some first impressions   and a collage of first pictures from one of many cameras.

In our view and as reported at the “Gardians of the Places”  - Hüter der Orte – the magic roundtable took-off quite nicely. More and more tables formed fast. Here are some of the outcome statements from the poster-walls. More remarks will follow ! Interesting that the words of Claus Biegert from 1995 and at this festival were nearly identical: spannend & surprisingly intensive. Please check the collection as most of the roundtables were done in English over the years. A very nice response was that participants, even wen into commons, could nato believe that they can apply the methods just like that, without okey, without certifications, ….. but with goodwill and empathy. I recommend this list of publications and background materials as the method developed over time and is even implemented for virtual conferences (Stammtisch 3.0) these days. Maybe see this 5 minutes YouTube clip and follow the links.

Please come again for more….