2010 Entrepreneurship Summit & Format Lab, Berlin

2010 Labor Entrepreneurship – The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship 

Open Forum experiment in the tradition of the SCHOOL OF IGNORANCE ? – an on-going experiment in dialogue meeting design.

Invited guest: Kurt Hanks ( The Visualizer, Mindset Mapping, see Domain) and other Honorary and Surprise Guests (see report with participants) to experiment with Dialog and Conferencing formats. Rules of the game. See also the Experiment-Documentation.

Please come back maybe early October 2010 to see the Video documentation of LABOR-TV of our experiment to include input impulses into the open-forum format. Before that maybe these experiments of multi-track conferencing are of interest:ICSU-CODATA roundtable at SymposiumSTAMMTISCH – Ideas, Innovation, Inspiration @ GOVERNMENT 2.0.

up-date for Nov. 6: Entrepreneurship Summit 2010
Farah Lenser & Heiner Benking und weitere hochkaraetige Referenten und Impulsgeber
youtube.com - Weitere Videos

A Magic Roundtable exercise as a FORMAT LABOR was also part of the SUMMIT. See some IMPRESSIONS below and follow the link to the documentary and do not forget to check the audio slides above.  

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